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So, you read our first article, Top 5 More Interactive Dating Activities Black Singles Can Do to Build a Relationship. You’ve a getting to know a date and you’re looking for more activities to keep things evolving. Great news. Here are 5 more activities to have fun and get grounded while getting to know more about your potential partner:

1. Create art
Learn to express yourself in a poem, drawing, or painting. Attend a public class or do a private lesson together. Art allows each of you to be vulnerable, and you can learn the story behind what inspired your date’s creation.

2. Take a Staycation
You don’t always have to get away to have a getaway. Explore all the local tourist spots in your city with fresh eyes. Check out the trending local spots. It’s great to be able to appreciate what’s been right in front of you the whole time. That perspective can translate well into how you see qualities in your date.

3. Travel
Take small, mini-trips to a different area in the city or close-by towns. The inspiring journey that comes with travel can bring you closer together, and let you observe how well your potential partner can adapt. Take a break from your daily routine to create shared memories and be adventurous.

4. Listen to music
As Africans, We are a polyrhythmic people. Music touches us on a cellular level. When you add in the rhythms that are meaningful, nostalgic, and just make you want to move, you and your date create a shared connection you can continue to vibe with in other ways. The other nice part, is that music is a little language they can get you on the same page without speaking a word. discover what music you have in common and then explore it together.

5. Watch films and discuss
From classics like A Spook Who Sat By The Door to modern hits like BlacKkKlansman—the traditional movie date is the go-to bonding experience. But don’t just stare at a screen together. Once the ending credits roll, spark a conversation about the movie and get the exchange of ideas flowing.

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