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Is your relationship Afrikantic? Dr. Obadele Kambon, linguist and architect of the social network and app is famous for coining the term Afrikantic. According to him, the was not an adjective to describe the power of Black love, so he created it. If you’ve read our first two articles, you probably already explored our Top 5 More Interactive Dating Activities Black Singles Can Do to Build a Relationship and 5 More Interactive Dating Activities Black Singles Can Do to Build a Relationships then you may be looking for more activities to build a deeper foundation.

Here’s a list of some activities to have fun and set a foundation for a relationship leading to marriage.

1. Learn new skills
There’s something innocent, romantic, and fun about being beginners together. Find a partner that is open to learn something new at Black Love events for singles. You can help each other through the learning process and take a new skill home. Learn painting. Visit a gun range. Attend a finance lecture. Discipline your body in martial arts or learn rhythms in a dance class.

2. Dancing
Letting loose, embracing, or holding hands while dancing stimulates a mental, emotional, and physical connection with your partner. There’s a deep level of trust an unspoken understanding that happens when 2 people share a dance together. Learning how to navigate that relationship on a dance floor can translate well when navigating a relationship in the real world. Learning new ways to read each other through facial expressions, touches, and visual cues can do a lot to help you communicate and intuit each other’s needs.

3. Cooking
The fastest way to the heart Is through the stomach. Grocery shopping and preparing a meal together is a deeply Internet activity. Window and openly, it inspires team work, necessitates collaboration, and creates a sense of shared accomplishment over what you made together. Then the celebratory meal prepared by your own hands has that much more of a deeper meaning. Great conversations and feelings of closeness can flow over dinner after cooking together.

3. Discover Africa Together
Now this one is for further down the road once you’ve really recognized the potential in your relationship. For Black people of the Diaspora no matter how many times you visit, it almost always feels like the first time when you travel to Africa. We spoke to Dr. Mawiyah Kambon, Dr. Obadele Kambon’s mother. She is licensed psychologist and founder of The Sankofa Journey, a journey she and her son coordinate annually. According to Dr. Mawiyah Kambon, “Discovering your African roots can be an incredible personal journey into self-discovery. Many people start with Ghana because of its historical significance for us as a people. Taking that personal journey as a couple can be a foundationally bonding activity.” The best part is it combines many of the activities we listed above and rolls them into one powerful relationship fusing experience.

5. Volunteer at a Black organization
Do you know of any Black organizations in your area? There are two things that most Black organizations need more of: people and funding. Donate your time together to a charitable cause. Volunteering gives you a chance to work together and learn more about each other’s work ethic, humility, communication, empathy, and much more.
Have you tried any of these? Let us know how it helped your relationship. Are you single and want to find your potential love to do all these activities with? Register for a new, African-centered Black singles event for revolutionary Black men and women, Find Black Love.

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